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   Halis Dokgöz - new cartoon book
   Thursday, April 29, 2010
   Doktor and cartoonist Halis Dokgöz (Turkey) sent us an announcement about his new cartoon book Lineal. I congratulate him with this publication and when you read the comments below, you'll realize he is a not only an eminent doctor but also a very fine cartoonist.
   Learn more:
Halis Dokgöz bio and cartoon gallery at http://www.toonpool.com/artists/halisdokgoz_4410
   Halis Dokgoz’s Lineal cartoon book was published by Turkish Medical Association Publications. The book also includes comments from Carlos Amorim, Tan Oral, Huseyin Çakmak, Erdogan Karayel, Rasit Yakali, Umit Kartoglu of cartoonists such as. Dokgoz’s book constitutes a selection of the cartoons since 1985. More than caricatures of medicine, health care environment, physician-patient relations, human rights, child rights, the environment is viewed from a broader perspective on the social life like. Books printed in color on glossy paper and draw the Insider may be obtained from the Turkish Medical Association.
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Halis Dokgöz, Zürih
   Who is Halis Dokgoz?
   He was born in 1967 in Çorum (Turkey). He graduated from the Medical Faculty of 19 May University in 1989, and graduated from the Forensic Medicine Department of İstanbul Medical Faculty of Istanbul University in 1999. Currently, he is a full-time staff at the Department of Forensic Medicine, at Medical Faculty of Mersin University where he also works as a lecturer.
   He has been drawing cartoon since 1985. His first cartoon was published in the “Kılçık” magazine in 1985. His consecutive works were published in the Gırgır, Limon, Çarşaf, Gümgüm, Akrep (Cypro), Hallo (Germany) magazines, and Cumhuriyet, Bulvar, Bizim Gazete, Milliyet, Birgün and Sabah newspapers. The artist continued drawing cartoons for Kılçık, Tıp Dünyası, Sendrom, Hiç, Fesat and Hekim Forumu magazines. He has entered a number of national and international competitions and was aworded twelve prizes. He has participated in many joint and group cartoon exhibitions. He had his first personal exhibition in 1991 at the Second Medical Fair in Ankara. In 1989 his first book “Where the sun doesn't enter” was published. He draws medical illustrations besides his cartoons. He is married and a father of twin boys. His works are published at http://medicalart.tripod.com.
   About Halis Dokgoz
   Facing the stressed day by day in his medical doctor's office, Halis Dokgoz still finds time to produce excellent cartoons where he interprets his world with humour and refined art. If as doctor Halis Dokgoz takes care the patients body, with humour he analyzes the soul of the human being. Many years I follow and admire his works, through hundreds of Cartoon contests around the world. Admiration that certainly you will have, too, when turning the pages of this book.
So, enjoy it!
   Carlos Amorim / Brazil December 2009

   The physicians are like magicians, they know how to bring out healthy rabbits from ailing hats. Humorists, just like physicians, touch with their magic pen nibs wherever they perceive a sore spot.
   I know many talented physicians engaged in humor. Most of the time, I see them find joy in the therapeutic environment of humor either due to similarities of humor to their occupation or to find temporary relief from the burden of their holy occupations.
   Cartoon, humor with drawing lines, at times look a little scratchy just as the prescriptions of physicians, however, both have the same mission of enabling the recipient enjoy life and be happy.
   Now you flip through the pages of the book and have a look at prescriptions written by Halis Dokgöz drawn with lines.
   I hope you'll get better soon and enjoy good health and happiness.
   Tan Oral, Cartoonist, Turkey
   "Cartoon" is a disease. Halis Dokgöz has lived nested with this disease for years. He makes the necessary intervention when the fever increases. Everybody knows that this is a hopeless case and an incurable disease. I hope that this album helps him cope with the disease. I hope you'll get better soon.
   Erdoğan Karayel
   Editor, Journal of Don Quichotte, Germany

   Autopsy Alive
   I met Halis in 1989 when he published his first album "Where sun doesn't enter"...
   His cartoons were like autopsy of problems, mostly from the medical world... of doctors... of patients...
   It's been 25 years...
   Halis became an associate professor in forensic medicine... still drawing...
   In this new book, he even cuts deeper...
   As if he is conducting an autopy alive...
   Ümit Kartoğlu, MD, Assoc.Prof.Dr. World Health Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland

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